Working, Working

blue maasai necklace  Hard at work, creating new pieces for Hieropice, though the sun’s finally out and it’s looking pretty good outside!  But I’m excited about our new items; the Lost World Mini Terrarium Necklaces we rolled out recently, the new Cobalt Maasai Beaded Necklace with semi-precious chips shown above, and now, I’m getting to work on some new coral/crystal pieces I’m already in love with.  Yay!

  I’ve noticed a lot of celebs rocking large, statement earrings lately, like Anya Ayoung Chee of Project Runway, Nene Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Gloria Govan of Basketball Wives, and others.  As an aside, how come so few of the ladies on these “Housewives” shows are actual housewives?  Just saying…

Anyhoo, you know I love this trend.  The Maasai pieces at Hieropice are all about making a statement.  I appreciate the pieces particularly because sometimes, I just get lazy when it comes to my wardrobe.  If I could wear pajamas 24-7 without getting thrown in the loony bin, I totally would.  But, a pair of jeans, a knit V-neck, and snowboots often have to suffice, and frankly, the ensemble needs something to be remotely presentable.  The Maasai Beaded pieces do the trick.  With a pair of the Maasai earrings on, or a necklace, I look sophisticated and elegant, like my outfit is intentional (not an afterthought!) and I feel confident.  Can’t beat that feeling with a stick!  If you haven’t seen the pieces yet, check them out here: Hieropice on Etsy!

#NeNeLeakes #AnyadeRogue #GloGovan


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