We’ve got a whole new style!

Amber gold rivoli earrings by Hieropice

Amber and Gold Rivoli Earrings by Hieropice


    I want to share a new listing, that I’ve just added to Hieropice’s Etsy site.  It’s a whole new style, that we’ve never created before, and I’d love to get your feedback.  What do you think?

Dara Cheek's Winning Entry to the Swarovski Competition

Winning Entry to the Swarovski Competition

Years ago, when I was in art school, I entered a Swarovski (of Swarovski Crystal) design competition.  Entrants were tasked with creating a design showcasing the broad range of crystals Swarovski makes, and designers could create pretty much anything, as long as it was handmade, original, and at least 60% crystals.   I won first place, with a design the incorporated all of the romantic elements I love, crystals and feathers and orchids, all in white.  It was the biggest competition I’d ever entered, and the biggest prize I’d ever won! 

Swarovski Competition Winner Dara Cheek

Winning design from the Swarovski competition


    Entering the competition exposed me to Swarovski’s incredible line of products; I honestly had no idea they made so many different crystals.  I learned about how they’re made, and disassociated my concept of Swarovski from and overly-blinged-out ice-dancer’s costume to sophisticated, beautiful elegance.  I don’t make a lot of pieces for Hieropice that incorporate crystals, and strive to make sure that when I do, the pieces maintain that sophistication and elegance.  Hopefully, you think these new earrings do!

     Not to worry though, if you enjoy Hieropice’s other lines (Maasai Beaded, Lost World Mini Terrarium Necklaces, etc.)  We’ll still be creating those!  We just want to make sure we’re always innovating, and offering you something new.


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