Finally, it’s here!

Susan G Komen terrarium necklace with flower

Susan G Komen Necklace terrarium necklace, by HieropiceRecently, a good friend, Jaime Parker, told me she’d be doing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, a 60-mile fundrasing walk to raise awareness/raise funds for breast cancer research.  (You can read more about the walk: here).  She was looking for support in gathering funds for this daunting challenge, and asked if I could help out.

Like a lot of people, I have personal experience with breast cancer; my grandmother battled it for most of her life.  It’s a life-changing diagnosis, and the current treatments (mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy, etc.) can be devastating, and often only temporarily effective.  We are definitely in need of better treatments that will improve patients’ quality of life and keep them healthy long-term, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation is doing important research toward that end.Susan G Komen Necklace terrarium necklace, by Hieropice

So, I created a new Mini Terrarium Necklace, in the signature pink of the cancer awareness movement, to help Jaime raise funds for the Komen 3-Day.  30% of all proceeds from the sale of this necklace will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  I hope you’ll support their efforts, and Jaime’s, and buy it!  The break-throughs they may make could change our lives one day.

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