Tiny pig in a glass

Pig terrarium necklace for tessa

Recently, a customer requested a mini terrarium necklace for her sister, who has a pet pig. The customer had an existing terrarium she loved with a tree and blue eggs inside, so I created a pendant incorporating elements she mentioned with some Hieropice twists. The miniature pig was a particular challenge! The opening of the glass vial is only 3 mms wide, so creating a pig with enough signature details (a coiled tail, miniature snout, etc.) that could be maneuvered into the vial without being damaged. I’m pleased with what I created, and really hope the customer, and her sister, are happy with it!


4 thoughts on “Tiny pig in a glass

  1. Wow! Hieropice, you never fail to amaze!
    The pig is super-cute, and I’m sure that if I saw it in real life my jaw would drop đŸ™‚

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