What on Earth is That?!

http://www.etsy.com/treasury/NjE2MzQ4OXwyNzIwNzkzODUz/robins-egg-blue-teal-and-brown?ref=pr_treasuryGood evening all! So, it occurred to me, some folks may have no clue what these “treasury lists” I occasionally post about are, or even what “Etsy” is, for that matter! So I want to do a quick post to answer both of those questions. Let’s start with Etsy.

  Vteal and brown hatery simply, Etsy is an online marketplace featuring vendors who either create/sell handmade or vintage items. It’s a place to go if you’re looking for something unique, different, cool, quirky, specific, or custom. So, if you really like a certain style of dress but would love to have one in a very specific type of fabric, Etsy is the place to go. Or, maybe you’re really into something specific, like, I dunno, koi fish or The Hunger Games or an obscure foreign show none of your friends have ever heard of, and would love some kind of accessory, a throw pillow or necklace or original poster featuring imagery of that thing you love. It’s likely you can either find it on Etsy, or get an artist on Etsy to make it for you for an affordable price.

crochet necklaceAll of the shops on the Etsy site are independent, their owners make or find their goods in their given location and ship from there. Etsy functions to maintain the site, make sure vendors and buyers are happy and are keeping up their ends of the transactions, and facilitate interactions between buyers/sellers. A lot of Etsy sellers also sell their work in small shops, galleries, independent studios and their own independent websites (like Hieropice, which is available at the Blue Cloud Gallery and Abeille). But, you generally won’t find Etsy vendors’ stuff in large chains like Target or Macy’s, which is why having an international website to sell from, like Etsy, is important. I host Hieropice on Etsy because I appreciate selling in an arena where everyone is hand-making their goods. We’re all trying to make something new and interesting, relying on our own skills and talents to create things we hope you will all like. It’s a lot of work, and I know Etsy buyers understand that. But, the best way to get a sense of Etsy.com is to check it out, I highly recommend it!

Etsy gives users the opportunity to create virtual collections of items from Etsy shops they like called “Treasury Lists.” A treasury is a collection of a maximum of 16 items, which show up on your screen as little thumbnails with their shop’s name below, that can be absolutely anything you like. Like a curator at a museum putting together an exhibit, you create a treasury by thinking about how the items you love work together, what characteristics they share, taking into account how they’ve been photographed by their sellers. I’m drawn to peacock-related items, graphic African prints, blown glass, nature and vibrant jewelry, so, when I’m browsing around Etsy and I come across items like that, I often “favorite” them, a lot of those items are in the treasuries I’ve created.

bark decor teeTreasuries are important though, beyond just being awesome to look at and pretty. The treasuries Etsy users have created are the first thing you see when you visit Etsy.com, they are the items that appear on Etsy’s homepage. Take a look, you’ll see someone’s carefully-prepared treasury featured there. When someone takes the time to craft an Etsy treasury they always hope others will view and appreciate it, and maybe, if we’re lucky, our treasury will appear on Etsy’s home page! Hopefully that all makes sense. If I haven’t bored you to tears, I wanted to share my most recent treasury list with you, Here. It’s in one of my favorite palettes, teal/robin’s egg blue & brown, and I love it. I envision a room in my home one day being a wash of teal and brown, but until then, this treasury list will have to suffice!

Enjoy, all! Darateal chocolate birds


Announcing a new partnership!

abeilleHi all,

I hope everyone’s Autumn is starting out on a good note.  The Gifford Shelter fundraiser was a lot of fun, it doesn’t feel like work when you get to snuggle adorable kitties periodically throughout the day!  Thank you to everyone who came and made purchases, your money really does go to an amazing cause and the Gifford kitties deserve it!

abeille beadsAnd guess what else?  You can now purchase Hieropice’s jewelry at a wonderful bead/jewelry/clothing boutique in Brookline, Mass, called Abeille.  I love this store so much because, let’s face it, it’s purty, and have been a long-time customer, so I’m really excited that they’ll be selling our wares.  The store has such a great vibe, with it’s contemporary romantic decor and vibrant spectrum of color.  I have spent many an hour there sifting through baskets of seed beads and strands of semiprecious stones.  If you’ve never been and you’re in MA, Abeille is definitely worth checking out.  It’s a lovely place to pass a couple hours on a crisp Fall day.  Have I mentioned Fall is my favorite season?  Summer heat is not for me but Fall, Fall I can get behind.  Enjoy, everybody.


Happy Fall!


Gifford Fall Festival

Ellen Gifford Shelter CatTomorrow, Sunday, September 23rd is the Ellen Gifford Cat Shelter of Brighton’s Fall Festival.  The shelter is “no-kill,” meaning they don’t euthanize cats to accommodate additional cat surrenders or due to a cat’s age.  At the Gifford, cats are cared for until they find a home.  One of the Gifford’s long-term residents, Bo, was with us for 15 years!  I’ve been a volunteer at the Gifford since 2004, and watched its many changes over the years.  Many cats have come and gone, some, bittersweet, as I tend to fall in love with them but am so glad when they finally find a home.  The Gifford recently rebuilt it’s main facility and added two outdoor enclosures for the cats to roam in, one just for feral (non-socialized) cats.  They also house a number of hard-to-adopt cats (FIV-positive, diabetic, behavioral issues, elderly, etc.) and take excellent care of them.

   Orange Gifford Shelter CatTomorrow’s event is a fund-raiser, and an opportunity for visitors to meet the cats, as well as eat some goodies, participate in family-friendly activities and peruse crafts for sale.  Hieropice will be vending there, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to support such a wonderful cause!  The event is 1 PM to 5 PM at 30 Undine Road in Brighton, right near Boston College.  Check out the event info on Facebook, and Gifford’s promo on Youtube.  Hope to see you all there!

Chartreuse and Cobalt Blue

Maple flowers

Today, an Etsy user made a treasury featuring our Lapis Lazuli and Brass Earrings, and I just love the palette she used.  Mixes of cobalt and navy blue with shots of chartreuse and vivid yellow.  The colors work so beautifully together, who woulda thunk it?!  Check it out: October Hues, by FilmShirley

blue and chartreuse sofa

Want to Dance?

SOWA Open Market

Happy Sunday evening all (or not, depending on when you’re reading this).  We are in that lovely crux betwixt Summer and Fall, where the weather is (albeit a bit unpredictable) cool and crisp but full of sunshine here in New England, and I hope you are all enjoying it!  I definitely am, I took a jaunt through the SOWA/SOWA Vintage markets in South Boston this afternoon; lots of really fascinating items, and, in the vintage market, anything you could possibly imagine.  Mostly everything you never knew you needed, until you saw it, and thought, “I DO want a glass chemistry distiller tube!”  It was a lot of fun, playing with all of the do-dads.  I hunted for a really special terrarium vessel but didn’t find one this time, but I hope to visit both markets again soon!

damba drummersNext Saturday (September 15th) is the World Damba Festival at Tufts University, at which I will be vending.  I have a number of new terrariums and jewelry designs to debut at the Festival, and I am really excited to do this festival in particular for a number of reasons.  Tufts is my Alma Mater, I attended it simultaneously as the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  I haven’t been back on campus in years, and how cool to be there representing my business, after completing my education there years before!  Feeling very proud as a female entrepreneur of color.  Ghanaian food

But the real fun is the festival.  Damba is a Northern Ghanaian celebration with roots in Islamic tradition, with an abundance of dance and song and food.  My partner is Ghanaian, and has missed elements of home (the ones we all do when we’re away, food, family, social gatherings), and I am really looking forward to his opportunity to reconnect.  It’ll be wonderful to learn a bit more about Ghanaian culture, and I know the energy of this festival will be amazing.  The festival runs Friday through Sunday, and Hieropice will be vending 10 AM to 6:30 PM on Saturday, September 15th (next weekend!).  Hope to see you all there!





P.S. – Check out the festival’s Facebook page: World Damba Festival