Want to Dance?

SOWA Open Market

Happy Sunday evening all (or not, depending on when you’re reading this).  We are in that lovely crux betwixt Summer and Fall, where the weather is (albeit a bit unpredictable) cool and crisp but full of sunshine here in New England, and I hope you are all enjoying it!  I definitely am, I took a jaunt through the SOWA/SOWA Vintage markets in South Boston this afternoon; lots of really fascinating items, and, in the vintage market, anything you could possibly imagine.  Mostly everything you never knew you needed, until you saw it, and thought, “I DO want a glass chemistry distiller tube!”  It was a lot of fun, playing with all of the do-dads.  I hunted for a really special terrarium vessel but didn’t find one this time, but I hope to visit both markets again soon!

damba drummersNext Saturday (September 15th) is the World Damba Festival at Tufts University, at which I will be vending.  I have a number of new terrariums and jewelry designs to debut at the Festival, and I am really excited to do this festival in particular for a number of reasons.  Tufts is my Alma Mater, I attended it simultaneously as the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  I haven’t been back on campus in years, and how cool to be there representing my business, after completing my education there years before!  Feeling very proud as a female entrepreneur of color.  Ghanaian food

But the real fun is the festival.  Damba is a Northern Ghanaian celebration with roots in Islamic tradition, with an abundance of dance and song and food.  My partner is Ghanaian, and has missed elements of home (the ones we all do when we’re away, food, family, social gatherings), and I am really looking forward to his opportunity to reconnect.  It’ll be wonderful to learn a bit more about Ghanaian culture, and I know the energy of this festival will be amazing.  The festival runs Friday through Sunday, and Hieropice will be vending 10 AM to 6:30 PM on Saturday, September 15th (next weekend!).  Hope to see you all there!





P.S. – Check out the festival’s Facebook page: World Damba Festival


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