Announcing a new partnership!

abeilleHi all,

I hope everyone’s Autumn is starting out on a good note.  The Gifford Shelter fundraiser was a lot of fun, it doesn’t feel like work when you get to snuggle adorable kitties periodically throughout the day!  Thank you to everyone who came and made purchases, your money really does go to an amazing cause and the Gifford kitties deserve it!

abeille beadsAnd guess what else?  You can now purchase Hieropice’s jewelry at a wonderful bead/jewelry/clothing boutique in Brookline, Mass, called Abeille.  I love this store so much because, let’s face it, it’s purty, and have been a long-time customer, so I’m really excited that they’ll be selling our wares.  The store has such a great vibe, with it’s contemporary romantic decor and vibrant spectrum of color.  I have spent many an hour there sifting through baskets of seed beads and strands of semiprecious stones.  If you’ve never been and you’re in MA, Abeille is definitely worth checking out.  It’s a lovely place to pass a couple hours on a crisp Fall day.  Have I mentioned Fall is my favorite season?  Summer heat is not for me but Fall, Fall I can get behind.  Enjoy, everybody.


Happy Fall!



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