Bleached and Blanched

  Winter white terrarium necklace

   I’ve waxed poetic about Fall, because it’s just my favorite, and I love everything about it.  I want to pretend Winter will never come, though the dropping temperatures here in Massachusetts beg to differ.

  We have strong associations between the color white and the Winter season, perhaps because of the snow and ice and absence of the colorful flowers of Spring or bright leaves of Autumn.  There are all these (supposed) fashion rules about colors and their corresponding seasons, wear vivid colors in Spring, muted colors in Winter.  Green, orange, yellow are supposedly Spring/Summer colors, while navy blue, grey, and black are for Winter.  Meh!  I think we need color most in Winter, when it’s hard to find, when our moods could really use a boost.  But nonetheless, our associations are what they are.Winter White terrarium necklace close-up

   I love color.  And usually, Hieropice’s wares are super-saturated, I strive to cover every tone in the rainbow with at least one piece in my inventory.  But I wanted to create something “wintry,” a break from the usual, colorful Hieropice look.  So came about the Winter White Terrarium Necklace, now available at Hieropice on Etsy.

  I have to say, I’m kind of in love with it.  It’s such a departure for me, but it makes me feel calm and serene.  A swath of white sand, a tiny white stone, a branch of pale lichen and a tiny blush flower.  It looks like the place you’d go to take a break from the world, to be silent and contemplative.  One day, perhaps I’ll build a life-size garden resembling this necklace, I can see that being striking and intriguing; a landscape of all white.

   Hope you enjoy the necklace, and the remainder of Fall!




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