Black and White

Considering the last item I introduced, Hieropice’s Winter White Terrarium Necklace, and my newest item, one might think I’ve kicked color to the curb.  Not so!  Just embracing the absence of color, and the striking nature of sharp contrast.  Introducing Hieropice’s Black and White Maasai Beaded Necklace.

Contrast between two colors brings both to life, and enhances each.  And in fact, I think I misspoke, referring to black and white as the absence of color, when really, they are colors in their own right (thinking visually here, not light spectrum-wise).  I wear black to feel sophisticated, polished, maybe a little mysterious?  And white makes me feel regal and elegant.  The two together?  Judge for yourselves.  It’s a special color relationship, for sure.  I am definitely a fan, hope you are too!


Cheers and pumpkin lattes,



2 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. I couldn’t have said it any better. Black & white will forever be the COLOR of ALL colors. Classic & chic yet powerful & bold. Stunning lookingpiece.

    P.S I just started my WP blog but I’d love it is you stoped by and checked it out if you have the chance 🙂

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