It’s Purple, Dahling’m still on that purple kick.  Last week, I launched a purple terrarium necklace on Hieropice on Etsy, and it inspired me to create a purple-themed treasury list, celebrating all things vibrant and purple.  And this week, I’ve added to Hieropice’s purple repertoire, with a pair of mini Maasai beaded purple earrings.  They’re light and delicate, but still make a statement.  And sparkly.  Can’t forget the sparkly.

We’re in a bit of a Winter mess here in New England, with piles of snow on top of piles of snow on top of slush/ice/mud/debris.  I spent the weekend in Maine, celebrating my birthday, and just had to share a photo of the gorgeous view outside the rental house.  Makes it worth it, to live in this part of the country!  If only, someone else could do all the shoveling.

Happy Winter!Dara



The Power of Purple

Some time ago, I asked my friends, what color jewelry could you use more of in your jewelry box?  Almost all of the responses were “purple!”  And rightly so, because purple’s a great color.  So I’ve made a terrarium necklace that’s all about it, and just listed it today, on Etsy!  Check it out, here.

Branching out, in more ways than one!

This time of year feels like a strange in-between period; partly Winter, but on the cusp of Spring; it feels like we’re all waiting for something coming soon, but not soon enough!  I’ll be celebrating my birthday in the latter half of the month (yay!) and am looking forward to taking a small weekend trip to Maine.  But at Hieropice, we’ve also had some pretty cool developments, including a feature in Bev Feldman’s Linkouture blog, wherein she interviewed me about the inspiration behind Hieropice and its wares, as well as some other fun info, including the ridiculous origin of my brandname, Hieropice.  Check out the interview here, it’s a quick read!

I also decided, hey, I love nature-y things, and I have favorited all of these nature-y items by Etsy sellers over the years, so I’m going to go ahead and make a treasury list of all things branch-related (shown above).  The result was pretty interesting.  Branch lamps, branch t-shirts, even an Iphone dock made out of a massive branch of wood.  See how creative Etsy sellers are?!  Those crafty so-and-sos.

Soon, I will be launching a new line of jewelry.  Not going to go into too much detail yet, as it’s still crystalizing in my brain, but I’m excited about it.  It’ll be a new venture for me, with a bit of risk involved, and who doesn’t like risk?!  It’s not anxiety-provoking at all!  🙂

Enjoy your Saturday, all!

Red is the Color of Love’s Day is fast-approaching, yay!!  Or perhaps, more realistically, you’re feeling ambivalent about it.  Yes, it’s a holiday devoted to all things lovey and pink and fluffy, but, maybe it feels a bit commercial, and one might become overwhelmed by all the “being marketed-to.”  Then there’s the pressure of planning the perfect date, at the perfect restaurant, and choosing the perfect gift…  The pressure alone can really kill all of the inherent romance.  And if you’re single, well…

I was newly single last Valentine’s Day, and decided to have a few drinks with some other single friends rather than hang out at home.  Perhaps we’d even meet some other single folks out and about on V-Day.  At our first destination, we were met with hanging paper hearts and couples draped over eachother, and we didn’t last long.  Same deal at the next locale, at which point, we gave up.  A rather disappointing Valentine’s Day all in all.  But I think we were missing the point to begin with.  V-Day could be a day to celebrate all of the loving relationships in your life, and honor your true friends, devoted parents or children who’ve made you proud, brothers or sisters who offer you support when you need it, and of course the furry pals who are always happy to see you (or indifferent, if they’re cats).  Gift some baked goods, send a card, make a gesture of appreciation for all the folks that mean something to you.  This year, I plan to do Valentine’s Day right!  And, I’ve started by making an ode to Valentine’s Day, in treasury list form.  All red; crimson, scarlet, cherry, and wine as-interpreted by Etsy sellers. Sunday is Local is for Lovers, a fair in Somerville, MA at Arts at the Armory.  It promises to be quite the extravaganza, with local craft beers, local food, live music and a load of vendors.  I think it’ll be a ton of fun, and can’t wait!  It’s Sunday, Feb 10th, from 11 to 5 PM at 191 Highland Avenue.  Hope you can make it, and get a good start to your Valentine’s Day!