It’s Purple, Dahling’m still on that purple kick.  Last week, I launched a purple terrarium necklace on Hieropice on Etsy, and it inspired me to create a purple-themed treasury list, celebrating all things vibrant and purple.  And this week, I’ve added to Hieropice’s purple repertoire, with a pair of mini Maasai beaded purple earrings.  They’re light and delicate, but still make a statement.  And sparkly.  Can’t forget the sparkly.

We’re in a bit of a Winter mess here in New England, with piles of snow on top of piles of snow on top of slush/ice/mud/debris.  I spent the weekend in Maine, celebrating my birthday, and just had to share a photo of the gorgeous view outside the rental house.  Makes it worth it, to live in this part of the country!  If only, someone else could do all the shoveling.

Happy Winter!Dara



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