Why You Should Apply

I’ve encountered an exciting new opportunity!

Well, let me back-track a bit.  I’ve been out-of-the-loop for a little bit while I cared for a loved-one who was ill, but now I’m back, and embarking on something very exciting!

assembly row craft show   I’ve wanted to do an all-Etsy-seller craft show forever now, but logistically, it seemed challenging. BUT, Aigner/Prensky Marketing has launched, with the backing of Federal Realty, a series of Summer craft shows to celebrate the redevelopment of the Assembly Square Mall area in Somerville.  You can read more about what they’re hoping to do with the area here: http://www.assemblyrow.com/vision/, but they’ve got big plans for the it, including creating new housing, restaurants and shops, and it promises to be pretty cool.

But that’s not the big story.  I will be producing the premier show of the Assembled: The Handmade Arts Market at Assembly Row, for Aigner/Prensky Marketing on Saturday, May 18th.  AND it’s going to be an all-Etsy show!  A show full of Etsy artisans sharing their unique, handmade wares, to kick off the Summer.  I am so excited.  Sometimes, vending online means you repeatedly interact with people who you never get to meet in person.  You may even talk to them every day, or perhaps they’ve purchased a number of your pieces, but you have no idea what they look like or who they are and could pass them on the street and never know it.  This show will be such a great opportunity for Etsy sellers to connect to eachother, to supporters of the Etsy marketplace, to chat and exchange ideas.  Assembly row

The show will also feature a workshop on how to start an Etsy shop, tips and tricks for running a successful shop, etc.  So if you have an Etsy shop and feel you have something prurient to share, or you’d like to start and Etsy shop but aren’t sure where to begin, or you’re already running a shop but could use some help getting it where you want it, come to the workshop!

Assembled: A Handmade Arts Market

Where the Assembled show will be held

Applications for the May 18th, Etsy-themed Assembled show are now being accepted.  Please apply!  Or, if you know of an artist in New England whose work you love, please forward the link along to them: http://www.assemblyrow.com/wp-content/aruploads/2013/03/Application_for_artists-fillable-form.pdf.  I want this show to be spectacular, and with your help, it will be!

Cheers!  Dara


New Minis, At Abeille

Just a quick post to say that I’ve stocked a bunch of new mini Maasai beaded earrings at Abeille, in Brookline.  Most of these aren’t available on Etsy yet, so they’re exclusive to Abeille, (for now) save the mauve/purple pair, which is available here.   The mini size (2 cms across) is great for more delicated-eared gals.  Here they are, set out in a sparkly, beaded rainbow, at Abeille!

New Mini Maasai pieces at Abeille