Look How Cecileo Used Hieropice’s Chevron Pendant Necklace to Style Her Collection!

Cecileo, a Polyvore user, created a fantastic collection using Hieropice’s Hematite Chevron Necklace.  I’d wear everything here.  Want the necklace?  Get it here.

Green and Black Polyvore Collection by Cecileo

Untitled #17 – Polyvore


Hieropice on Sale!

Guess what?!  I’m going to be launching Hieropice.com soon, and in celebration, I’m offering 10% EVERYTHING on Hieropice on Etsy (just use coupon code “10PERCENTOFF” sans quotes when you check out), as well as all Hieropice items at Uni-T in the Natick Mall!!!  And not to worry, Hieropice will still be available on Etsy, we’re just expanding!  Happy Summer everyone!

Keeping up momentum!

https://www.etsy.com/listing/154295229/silver-necklace-with-hematite-chevrons?ref=shop_home_activeSummer is a great time to make things.  I’m still on a chevron kick, and I’m introducing a new Hematite Chevron Necklace; simpler, non-lariat style, now up on Hieropice on Etsy!  Yay for new stuff.

– Dara

Silver Chain Chevron Necklace

What I Did for Love

Hello all!https://www.etsy.com/listing/153637240/black-lariat-necklace-chevron-necklace?ref=shop_home_feat

Man, today has been tricky!  But, I have some good news to share.  I want to introduce a couple of new pieces of jewelry, that I’ve just listed on Hieropice on Etsy!  Hematite Chevron Earrings, and Hematite Chevron Lariat Necklace, by Hieropice.
Chevrons, like owls, putting birds on things (see Portlandia), mustaches; all have been trending at one time or another.  I tend to pretty much ignore trends unless something about them resonates with me personally, and I have to say, there is something about the chevron.  It’s just an alluring shape, whether just in its fascinating geometry, or its infinite changeability when modified in color and repetition.  And hematite, a chevron wall decal by Stickittheresemiprecious stone with an inky-black mercurial surface, and sometimes, magnetic properties, is one of my favorites.  I love using it in jewelry; it’s mysterious and classic, and perfect for jewelry you can wear with anything.  I’m one of those people who often thinks, just as I’m about to leave the house, “I don’t have any jewelry on!” and then runs back to find some to wear.  These new pieces have become my go-to(s), because they match absolutely everything.  And I truly appreciate not having to think to deeply about what to wear!
I’m also introducing jewelry sets, by Hieropice.  I know many of us like to wear https://www.etsy.com/listing/153493113/handmade-chevron-earrings-black-earrings?ref=shop_home_featpieces of jewelry together that reference eachother, without, of course, being too “matchy-matchy.”  I have no idea who coined the term “matchy-matchy,” maybe Oprah?  Or Stacy and Clinton from “What Not to Wear.”  But anyway, it occurred to me that it’d be easier to purchase Hieropice pieces that go together in one-fell-swoop, particularly when you’re shopping for gifts for folks you love.  So, Hieropice now offers sets of earrings and necklaces, to be worn together (or separately, if you want!), and you can find them in “Jewelry Sets” on Hieropice on EtsyTable at Uni-TThe sets are less expensive than purchasing both pieces separately, because I love ya’ and want to make your life easier.
And finally, Hieropice will continue to be a featured artist at Uni-T at the Natick Mall for the month of June, and I just added a bunch of new pieces there, including many you can’t get online yet.  So check it out!