Anali’s First Amendment visits Assembled!

Check out Lisa Johnson’s shout out to Hieropice in her blog, Anali’s First Amendment, after her visit to #Assembled at Assembly Row this past Saturday!  Hieropice will be a vendor at Assembled this coming Saturday as well, so come by and see us!  Thanks, Lisa!

Anali’s First Amendment.


What’s New?

Assembled at Assembly RowEveryone’s out and about these days, enjoying the sunshine (which lasts about 5 minutes here in New England!), myself included; I spent last Saturday sweating it out at Assembled in Assembly Square, and so appreciate all the folks who came out to visit and shop!  I’ll be back at Assembled this coming Saturday, July 27th from 11 AM to 4 PM, so if you’re in the Greater Boston area, stop by!  There’ll be food trucks (Bon Me and Frozen Hoagies, to name a couple!) and a live band and Hieropice in our new spiffed-up tent.  Think carnival-style bunting.
Hieropice on PolyvoreIf you haven’t checked out Polyvore yet, you should.  It’s a wonderful resource for fashion/style ideas; think a collection of crowd-sourced digital fashion collages.  But, with things you could actually buy.  Without mortgaging your house.  Polyvore users have been virtually-styling Hieropice jewelry in the coolest ways, and coming up with ways to wear our pieces that I’d never thought of!  You can now see some of the collections Polyvore users have put together in our Facebook album, “Hieropice Styled.”  Snap snap Polyvore.
We’ve also got some new photos up for Hieropice’s Maasai beaded pieces, like our Citrine Yellow Maasai Beaded Earrings.  We want to make sure you can see our pieces in all their glory, even if it’s only virtually!Citrine Yellow Maasai Beaded Earrings by Hieropice
And, finally, Hieropice pieces will now be featured at Uni-T in the Natick Mall on an ongoing basis!  Two months were not enough, we just couldn’t let go!  So now all of you brick-and-mortar shoppers in the Natick area can see Hieropice pieces in person, try them on….and then buy them.  Cause that last part is important.  🙂  Happy days!

See you on Saturday!


The Power of Pink

Polyvore collection with HieropiceNavara Manzanali made a beautiful pink Polyvore collection featuring Hieropice’s Hematite Chevron Pendant Necklace.  It’s so perfectly sweet, I love it! of pink, our Pink Terrarium Necklace for the Susan G. Komen Foundation is 10% off this month only!  30% of the proceeds of its sales go to the Komen Foundation.  Do good AND save money.  What’s not to like?!  Just use coupon code CHRISTMASINJULY when you check out at Hieropice on Etsy.

Christmas in July!


Hieropice will be participating in Etsy’s “Christmas in July” event, from July 11th through July 21st!   Christmas in July is an Etsy-wide extravaganza where select Etsy vendors offer Etsy fans special Summer deals on featured items.  To celebrate Christmas In July, Hieropice will be offering 10% off EVERYTHING in our store!  We know how much we’d all rather be playing outside instead of sitting in front of our computers, so we’re rewarding you for your dilligence with a discount!  Yay for you!!Hieropice Christmas in July

Christmas in July runs from July 11th through July 21st, but you can redeem your 10% discount any time in July by entering “CHRISTMASINJULY” as your coupon code (no quotation marks, all one word) when you check out at Hieropice on Etsy.  Pick what you’d like to buy in our store, add it to your shopping cart, enter the coupon code and check out, et voila!

Happy July, everyone!


Simplicity is King

Happy Summer folks,

Hieropice EarringsSo, it has been a VERY challenging time.  I have a loved one who is really struggling health-wise, and my family is just hoping for the best.  Your best wishes would be so appreciated!  Things are put into perspective in a very sharp way when things like this happen, and it’s been amazing how friends who I haven’t seen in years have been so supportive.  I’m trying to keep a healthy balance going, wherein I maintain some semblance of normalcy, which I think is the best approach for anyone in the midst of a stress-inducing event.  So I’m still making, as always, and staying true to my identity as an artist.  I made this pair of earrings years ago, gold with amethyst rounds, that I loved and wore all of the time, but had forgotten about until a dream a few days ago.  I have no idea what brought them to mind, but afterwards, I went on a tear and started making a dozen variations of these earrings, combining a rainbow of semiprecious rounds with these amazing conical beads that I’d hoarded years ago.  I think something in me is really craving simplicity these days, evidenced by the hematite chevron pieces and now, these semiprecious drop pieces.  Making these pieces balances out the very complex, detailed terrarium pieces I’m creating, and as I mentioned earlier, balance is good!  I’ll be introducing some necklaces to accompanying the earrings shortly, and will offer them in sets as well.  I hope you enjoy them!



Hieropice Turquoise Earrings