Simplicity is King

Happy Summer folks,

Hieropice EarringsSo, it has been a VERY challenging time.  I have a loved one who is really struggling health-wise, and my family is just hoping for the best.  Your best wishes would be so appreciated!  Things are put into perspective in a very sharp way when things like this happen, and it’s been amazing how friends who I haven’t seen in years have been so supportive.  I’m trying to keep a healthy balance going, wherein I maintain some semblance of normalcy, which I think is the best approach for anyone in the midst of a stress-inducing event.  So I’m still making, as always, and staying true to my identity as an artist.  I made this pair of earrings years ago, gold with amethyst rounds, that I loved and wore all of the time, but had forgotten about until a dream a few days ago.  I have no idea what brought them to mind, but afterwards, I went on a tear and started making a dozen variations of these earrings, combining a rainbow of semiprecious rounds with these amazing conical beads that I’d hoarded years ago.  I think something in me is really craving simplicity these days, evidenced by the hematite chevron pieces and now, these semiprecious drop pieces.  Making these pieces balances out the very complex, detailed terrarium pieces I’m creating, and as I mentioned earlier, balance is good!  I’ll be introducing some necklaces to accompanying the earrings shortly, and will offer them in sets as well.  I hope you enjoy them!



Hieropice Turquoise Earrings


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