Christmas in July!

Hieropice will be participating in Etsy’s “Christmas in July” event, from July 11th through July 21st!   Christmas in July is an Etsy-wide extravaganza where select Etsy vendors offer Etsy fans special Summer deals on featured items.  To celebrate Christmas In July, Hieropice will be offering 10% off EVERYTHING in our store!  We know how much we’d all rather be playing outside instead of sitting in front of our computers, so we’re rewarding you for your dilligence with a discount!  Yay for you!!Hieropice Christmas in July

Christmas in July runs from July 11th through July 21st, but you can redeem your 10% discount any time in July by entering “CHRISTMASINJULY” as your coupon code (no quotation marks, all one word) when you check out at Hieropice on Etsy.  Pick what you’d like to buy in our store, add it to your shopping cart, enter the coupon code and check out, et voila!

Happy July, everyone!



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