Hieropice, Styled

“Modern Magenta for Fall” Polyvore set, featuring Hieropice’s Magenta and Gold Maasai Beaded Necklace:

Hieropice on Polyvore


What are YOU doing this Sunday?

Gifford Cat Gifford Cat Gifford Cat Gifford Cat Orange CatTomorrow, is the Ellen M. Gifford Sheltering Home’s Fall Festival.  The Gifford is a no-kill cat shelter in Brighton, MA, founded in 1884, that houses a variety of homeless cats, either surrendered, rescued, feral, or special-needs.  They take incredible care of the cats, providing them excellent medical care, socialization and affection, and housing them until they can be adopted to loving homes.  Some of the Gifford‘s long-term cat residents have been there for 10-15 years!  As a “no-kill” shelter, they never euthanize animals because of space issues, behavioral issues, curable illness, or because a cat has been at the shelter long-term.  Recently, an outdoor enclosure was constructed to allow the cats to safely roam outside, enjoy some fresh air and sun, and play, as they were meant to.  The shelter itself allows the cats to roam freely inside, with no tiny cages stacked one on top of the other, with barely enough room for the cats to turn around in.  They’ve also constructed an outdoor facility to house feral cats (cats the have either been born/raised outdoors, with limited socialization with people, or who have been outside long enough to lose their domesticated status).  The feral colony pen offers a safe environment for these cats to live, without the danger of passing cars, starvation, unfriendly folks who might try to eliminate them as pests, as well as gives them the opportunity to socialize with humans and possibly, be adopted some day.  I’ve been a volunteer at the Gifford since 2004 (nine years!) and will be vending at the Fall Festival Sunday, September 15th, with a portion of my sales going to support the Gifford and their amazing cats.  The Gifford Shelter really is a special place, and I feel great about supporting them and the work they do.  Over the years, I’ve been the Gifford’s ad-hoc cat photographer, and all of the portraits in this post are of the adorable kitties I’ve had the pleasure to meet.  I highly recommend anyone in the Boston area who may be looking to adopt, looking to donate, or looking to volunteer stop by on Sunday, to see this amazing shelter in person.  You’ll get to meet the kitties, eat some delicious cupcakes and cookies, and support a wonderful charity with purchases!  The Fall Festival is Sunday, September 15th, from 1-4 PM.  The shelter is located at 30 Undine Road, Brighton, MA.  It’s accessible by the the B-line Greenline train, at the BC stop (last stop on the line).  There’s plenty of street parking as well!  Hope to see you there!

– Dara

Fall Can’t Come Fast Enough

Hieropice at Assembled

The Hieropice tent at Assembled

The sun is waning, we’re moving away from the “Dog Days” into Autumn.  I’m allergic to sun, so I’m certainly not mourning the end of Summer as most folks are!  I love Fall, and can’t wait for colorful leaves, apple-picking, crisp air, pumpkin pies, intense sunsets, Thanksgiving, and busting out my shawl collection.  Yup, I’m ready for Fall, bring it on!
I posted a while back about producing September 7th’s “Assembled: A Handmade Arts

Zombie Romance by Kristilyn Stevenson

Art by Zombie Romance’s Kristilyn Stevenson

Market at Assembly Row” arts festival; it’ll be my second.  I’m really excited about the vendors we’ll have on Saturday; particularly the artists who I’d really wanted to join us for the May 18th opening show, but who weren’t available.

Zombie Romance will be there on Saturday, with original illustrations by Kristilyn Stevenson in comic, jewelry, card and print form, as will Uni-T, will t-shirts and prints featuring artist Eujin Kim Neilan’s original artwork.  Moozydoo will join us, with her handmade cloth shoulder bags in vibrant colors and bold patterns, and Dominique Custeau will be selling her handmade fused glass jewelry.  I am proud to call these artists my friends.  And there will be a lot more, perhaps even a flashmob around 1:30 PM, but you didn’t hear that from me.  Assembled takes place at Assembly Row (formerly the Assembly Square Mall, in Somerville), at 145

Uni-T by Eujin

Uni-T by Eujin Kim Neilan

Middlesex Ave., Somerville, from 11 AM to 4 PM, Saturday, September 7th.  See you there!