A little help, buyers?

Just a quick post, today.  I would love to spend all of my time making artwork.  But in reality, I spend a lot of time on administrative tasks, including answering messages from customers.
Around the holidays, I get A LOT of customers writing asking about orders, when they’ll ship, how long shipping will take, etc.  Unfortunately, responding to these messages takes a lot of time away from my art-making.  I’ve taken a lot of care to ensure all production time and shipping information is already posted on both my Etsy site and Hieropice.com, but it seems customers are still missing this information somehow (some customers have said they find Etsy’s lay-out user-unfriendly).  So, I thought I’d do a run-through to help direct customers to where they can find the info they’re looking for.Hieropice terrarium
The “Shipping & Policies” tab (shown in the photo) on Etsy states the production times, shipping costs, ship-to locations, and shipping estimates for all of my Etsy listings.  It’s right below the image of each item, in the listing.  Additionally, if you place an order, you can view the “Ships By” date for an item in your “Purchases” by simply clicking on the item, and reviewing either your receipt or your order confirmation (e-mailed to you after you order) will give you shipping information as well.
I hope that helps!

– Dara


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