On NPR, to talk about “handmade”

Under the Radar announcement.jpgI’ve done an interview on “Under the Radar with Callie Crossley,” about trends in handmade, the current handmade marketplaces, and Etsy Artists of Boston.  You can hear it here: “Connections to Nature, Artists Transform Handmade Crafts into Trend.


New Workshops, new shows!

fern, shell terrarium web
Excited to announce that I’ve added a couple of new workshops to my August roster, in addition to the upcoming glass-etching workshop on August 27th. I’ll be teaching two workshops on terrarium-building on August 14th and 23rd!  These two classes will focus on how to create sustainable tropical ecosystems under glass, with step-by-step Moss and plants for terrrarium workshopinstruction and tips on keeping your terrariums beautiful long-term. Attendees will get to personalize their terraria, and we’ll use truly unique glass vessels (no fishbowls here!) to build in.  Very excited to offer this class at the Presentation School Foundation in Brighton, as previously, I’ve only offered it and Brookline Adult and Community Education and Newton Community Education.  If you live in the Greater Boston area, or will be on August 14th or 23rd, join in!  You have to pre-register to attend, register here.

This Sunday, I’ll be exhibiting at SOWA Boston, debuting some new pieces. I’ve created new terrarium ornaments, botanical-gilded lanterns, terrarium shadow boxes and botanical-etched decanters. SOWA is open from 10 AM – 4 PM on Sunday, and is free to attend (it costs $10 to park, but you can use the parking voucher at any of the vendor booths!)Gilded Botanical Lantern 2

Make It Your Own: Glass-Etching Workshop

Olive bottle and blue bottle square web
If you’re in the Greater Boston area (or you will be in August), come to one of my workshops and make something awesome!
On August 4th (Thursday) at 6 PM and August 27th (Saturday) at 1 PM I will be teaching workshops on glass-etching at the Presentation School Foundation Community Center.  The Center is at 640 Washington Street, Brighton, MA, and we’ll be in the New Balance Room on the lower level.
We’ll take reclaimed glass and transform it using custom stencils we’ll create right there in the workshop.  Your own original artwork, permanently emblazoned on glass that you take home with you the same day.  A vase, perhaps?  An oil diffuser?  It’s up to you!
And no, you don’t have to be an artist to participate, I’ll teach you everything you need to know!  You can register here (registration is required, no drop-ins).
The workshops are 18+, because, you know, chemicals and all.  Safety gear will be provided.  I will be teaching terrarium-building workshops in August as well though that are all-ages, so stay tuned!
Holding fern-leaf vase web

Arts on the Arcade!

Hieropice at Arts on the Arcade Friday, August 22nd will be the final Arts on the Arcade show of the Summer, and Hieropice will be there!  Sponsored by the City of Boston Office of Arts and Tourism, this series takes place right at Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, and features a select group of local visual artists and bands.Hieropice at Arts on the Arcade
For the 22nd, Hieropice will have a bunch of new items JUST added to our collection, including a line of golden nautical jewelry pieces, lanterns with whimsical moss landscapes, and Ancient Egypt-inspired semi-precious pieces.  Come visit, 11 AM to 5 PM, at the intersection of Congress Street and North Street, in Boston!

It’s that transitional time of year…

Assembled at Assembly RowIt’s a sunny Sunday, and I am beat!  Vended all day yesterday at Assembled, and the evening prior, celebrated Afro-Brazilian music and dance with Uhuru Afrika, an amazing DJ/drummer collective that performed at Naga in Cambridge.  Lots of Carnival-style dancers in full regalia shaking everything, conga and dengue drums, strobe lights and Afro-Brazilian beats.  You know how I know I’m getting old?  Every muscle in my body was sore the next morning.  But that’s a great sign that you’ve had a lot of fun, right?  Being sore the next morning!Sao Paulo Carnival Dancer
I’m going to produce another Assembled market on September 7th.  I am really excited about it because many of the vendors whose products I absolutely love, like Kristilyn Stevenson of Zombie Romance, who couldn’t join us for the May 18th opening show of Assembled, will be there for September 7th!  YAY!  So, in a really selfish way the September 7th Assembled will somewhat be a live version of my Etsy favorites list or my Xmas shopping list, but, you’re just going to have to trust my taste, folks!  These vendors really are exceptional, they’re stars in their own right, and we really are lucky that they’re going to be there!  Here’s a preview of some of their fantastic wares!

Zombie Romance by Kristilyn Stevenson

Art by Zombie Romance’s Kristilyn Stevenson

Maybe you have no idea what Assembled is or why you should care, so let me back up a little and explain; Assembled: A Handmade Arts Market at Assembly Row is a weekly outdoor arts market that takes place at the Assembly Row development at Assembly Square in Somerville.  Assembly Row is kind of the re-birth of an old, delapidated strip mall, which has been razed, and will be turned into a brand new, swanky destination, with a movie theater, a collection of restaurants (Legals’ C-Bar, Papagayo, JP Licks, etc.) and outlet stores.  They’re even building a T-stop (public transportation in the Greater Boston area) at Assembly Row, to increase access for the public.  It’s major, because frankly, Assembly Square was a bit of a waste before.  There was, and will still be, an art supply store there that I shop at all of the time, but the area just wasn’t well-kept, there was nothing of interest to do or see there, and it wasn’t inviting.

Fabric Bag by Moozydoo

Fabric Bag by Moozydoo

I’d drive there to grab supplies, then high-tail it out of there as quick as I could.  Now there really will be a reason to visit Assembly Square and stay to hang out.  They’ve already put up a brand new Starbucks with a ton of outdoor seating, and Assembly Row actually has an oft-ignored waterfront which they’re cleaning up beautifully.  At the first Assembled show on May 18th, a lot of people who live in the area came by to check things out and inquire, and the overwhelming commentary was that they were grateful for something cool to do in the area, and that the development was getting some much-needed attention.  The Assembled market is such a great way to draw folks to the area, AND support local artists, and allow us to connect with customers.  So I’m happy to be producing another Assembled show.  As the show approaches, I’ll post more about the artists who’ll be there and the things they make.  Assembled takes place at Assembly Row at Assembly Square, 145 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville, Mass, Saturdays, 11 AM to 4 PM.

Hieropice in the Boston Globe!

Hieropice in the Boston GlobeIt’s been a crazy week, with lots of projects going on simultaneously, but I wanted to share my feature in the May 5th, 2013 edition of the Boston Globe with you!  I was interviewed about running a handmade jewelry business online, and some of the ins and outs involved therein.  And I may have mentioned that I go to the post office in my pajamas to ship out Hieropice orders.  But hey, everyone does that, right?!  You can read the article on Boston.com, and it’s posted above!


Spring is Sprung, Assembled, and New Additions

Hi all!

The sun is finally out, on a regular basis, here in New England.  The sun and I have a troubled relationship (I’m allergic) but I’m still glad to see it!


Things are blooming, and my allergies are punishing me, but I’ll take it!  It’s Summer show season, and I can get back to taking photos for

Hieropice outside, in gorgeous natural light.  Doing that in January was brutal.  We’re just coming out of a tricky, scary period here in Boston, and I’m happy to feel good about going outside again.  After the Boston Marathon bombings and the manhunt for the bombers that followed, we were on lock-down here in my neighborhood as they turned up about 10 minutes away, in Watertown.  We were prohibited from leaving our homes, and it turns out the local man who they car-jacked in their escape attempt was car-jacked two blocks from my house.  I have several friends who live in the neighborhood that was a constant fixture on the news for days, as the police exchanged gunfire with the bombers and searched for the surviving bomber in resident’s homes.  Everyone I care for is safe, thankfully, and I’m relieved the worst is over. http://somervillebeat.com/things-to-do/3235/assembly-row-to-host-summer-arts-market/

On a positive note, on May 18th, I’m taking on my first craft show as Producer, and I’m quite nervous, and excited about it!  I’ve been reaching out to all the artists’ whose beautiful work I’ve seen at shows, purchased on Etsy, found in consignment shops like Boutique Fabulous and Magpie, or elsewhere online, and asking them to apply for the May 18th show, particularly those with Etsy shops.  I’ve had this vision of making an all-Etsy craft show happen for a while now, and it’s finally going to happen!  The Somerville Beat interviewed me about the show, and did a great piece on it here , wherein they featured my Orange Flower Terrarium Necklace and we chatted about the vision behind the Assembled show on the 18th.https://www.etsy.com/listing/121132694/mini-ecosystem-terrarium-pendant  And, I’m even more excited about some new, one-of-a-kind pieces that I’m about to launch.  I’m finishing them up now, and can’t wait to show them off, I’m really proud of how they’ve turned out and they’re really different/unique, which is my constant goal.  I’ve never seen anything like them in my 31 years of life, so I hope you’ll all respond as positively to them as I hope you will!  Anyway, get outside and enjoy the proliferation of Spring, if you can!  I know I will.