Botanical Magnets, Art Markets, Oh My!

It’s Small Business Saturday y’all!  I love that there is a day to celebrate shopping small, though I wish every day were a day to recognize, and make a conscious effort to support small businesses.
Sometimes the products that we sell cost more, because we source our materials differently, trying to ensure they are produced with care or fairly, humanely, that the workers who create them or harvest them are paid a fair wage etc.  Sometimes we are making our products by-hand, or making them here in the United States, where labor costs, commercial space, utilities, and the cost-of-living is significantly greater than developing countries, and thus, our products cost more.  So if you can still support us with your shopping dollars, we appreciate it!
This holiday season, I am introducing new pieces to the Hieropice product line, Botanical Magnets!  They are miniature landscapes designed to attach to any metal surface, and come in a variety of styles.  I will have them at my upcoming art markets at the Old South Church Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday, December 3rd, and at the Etsy Artists of Boston chalet at City Hall Plaza December 16th through 22nd.  I love  making them.  Tiny, perfect ecospheres preserved in time.  Yay, nature!  And yay, handmade!


Fall Can’t Come Fast Enough

Hieropice at Assembled

The Hieropice tent at Assembled

The sun is waning, we’re moving away from the “Dog Days” into Autumn.  I’m allergic to sun, so I’m certainly not mourning the end of Summer as most folks are!  I love Fall, and can’t wait for colorful leaves, apple-picking, crisp air, pumpkin pies, intense sunsets, Thanksgiving, and busting out my shawl collection.  Yup, I’m ready for Fall, bring it on!
I posted a while back about producing September 7th’s “Assembled: A Handmade Arts

Zombie Romance by Kristilyn Stevenson

Art by Zombie Romance’s Kristilyn Stevenson

Market at Assembly Row” arts festival; it’ll be my second.  I’m really excited about the vendors we’ll have on Saturday; particularly the artists who I’d really wanted to join us for the May 18th opening show, but who weren’t available.

Zombie Romance will be there on Saturday, with original illustrations by Kristilyn Stevenson in comic, jewelry, card and print form, as will Uni-T, will t-shirts and prints featuring artist Eujin Kim Neilan’s original artwork.  Moozydoo will join us, with her handmade cloth shoulder bags in vibrant colors and bold patterns, and Dominique Custeau will be selling her handmade fused glass jewelry.  I am proud to call these artists my friends.  And there will be a lot more, perhaps even a flashmob around 1:30 PM, but you didn’t hear that from me.  Assembled takes place at Assembly Row (formerly the Assembly Square Mall, in Somerville), at 145

Uni-T by Eujin

Uni-T by Eujin Kim Neilan

Middlesex Ave., Somerville, from 11 AM to 4 PM, Saturday, September 7th.  See you there!

Old South Church Christmas Craft Fair

old south church candles

Alright, I’m no longer in denial about it pretty much being Winter now.  Fine, fine.  It’s cold.  It snowed today.  Again.

But… That also means that the holidays are upon us!  I LOVE Christmas so much, for purely non-religious reasons.  The lovely music that never changes, the leafy garlands and pine-smelling wreaths everywhere, red berries, snow, beautifully-wrapped gifts with big ribbon-bows, hot chocolate, cider and eggnog with cinnamon, twinkling lights and giant, animatronic santas that would be tacky any other time of year, ice-skating, and that love-your-brother vibe.  I think that vibe is my favorite.  That warmth.  I love the palette of this time of year, the white, red, green.  It’s abundant and alive in the midst of a time of year that can be a bit bleak here in New England, before everything renews in the Spring.  Old South Church Craft FairLast year, I went to midnight mass at this unique Catholic church in Waltham, and the service was mutli-cultural, with singing from Congolese congregants, pine-bow decor from its Italian congregants, and all of this hushed singing in the darkened church and candle-lighting throughout the service that was just wonderful.  Looking forward to exploring a new church of different denomination this year, and experiencing some new traditions.

It’s also a crazy, crazy time for a small independent jeweler/artist/crafter like me.  I am grateful for all of the opportunities, and wonderful customers.  But I am in complete work-mode.  I’ll be doing a few craft shows in December, beginning with the Old South Church Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday, December 1st.  The venue for this show is stunning, a very old, exquisite church in the heart of Boston, with all the charm a church of its age brings.  From what I’ve seen, they deck it out quite extravagantly for Christmas as well, so I’m just excited to get to be there!  If you’re in the Boston area, come by 645 Boylston Street (Copley Square) between 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM and say hi!Gordon Chapel at Xmas


Happy holidays!



Etsy Gift Cards are Here!

Bienvenue, folks!

If you have a wonderful group of friends with diverse and quirky tastes like I do, you’ve probably been there.  A birthday rolls around, an engagement party, a baby shower.  You know that busting out the Target gift card or the generic bath-salt/foot scrub set as a gift for this particular friend just won’t cut it.  You want to give them something super-cool and unique but, alas, the risk is purchasing something that will result in an awkward, blank stare or expression of horror.  A gift that they awkwardly push aside and you inherently know they just don’t like.  Unique gifts can also mean you just plain get it wrong, and end up with something that originated in the best of intentions, but landed in future-re-gift territory.  But now, Etsy has a solution!

Introducing, Etsy Gift Cards!  Now, you can purchase a site-wide gift card on Etsy, that can be used in many of Etsy’s shops (all shops that feature Direct Check-out, which Hieropice does!).  Now, you don’t have to know EXACTLY what that quirky/custom/unique/one-of-a-kind gift your bff wants is ahead of time, you can let them choose for themselves!  And, your sister can get a custom-made nursery-sign for her baby-on-the-way without giving away its gender before it’s born.  It’s all kinds of neat.

I have a good friend who was recently engaged and is definitely an off-beat bride, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, think of what to get her to celebrate her engagement.  She had pinned all kinds of Etsy items to her Pinterest wedding board, but I didn’t know if she actually WANTED that bright purple flower/feather fascinator for her wedding, or just thought the concept was cool.  Now, you can avoid the dilemma I had, and get your independent-thinking friend an Etsy gift card, and let her deck her whole bridal-party out in purple fascinators if she wants to!  I am so excited about the gift cards, and pretty much all of my family-members can expect one in their Xmas stockings this year!  You can read more about the details here, and purchase the gift cards at


Happy shopping!