New Stuffs!

Green Orchid Bud Vase close webI am expanding the Hieropice product line, after a couple of years of awesome responses to our terrarium ornaments.  I used to do a lot of glass-etching in my youth, and started incorporating etching into last Winter’s ornaments.   During the holidays, I offered ornaments with etched designs and pressed botanicals.  I am now expanding my etched pieces to bud vases, lanterns, cruets (those dispensers for oil, wine, etc.) and more, that I offer at art markets and online at and  The pieces featureEtched Fiddlehead Frame 2 web the thematic elements customary of Hieropice, ferns, orchids, and bits of nature I fall in love with as I explore.  I create original drawings and etch them onto reclaimed glass, and, in the future, will create some pieces that incorporate more glass techniques (mosaic, stained glass, painted glass, etc.).  I hope you enjoy these new pieces, I am really enjoying creating them!

FYI, if you’re in Greater Boston, you can still register for one of my glass-etching workshops taking place on August 4th and August 27th, at the Presentation Foundation Community Center.  Pre-registration is required, and the registration link is here:


Making It Mine

Guess what?  Hieropice is now Hieropice™!
We are officially trademarked baby! Yeah!

What’s New?

Assembled at Assembly RowEveryone’s out and about these days, enjoying the sunshine (which lasts about 5 minutes here in New England!), myself included; I spent last Saturday sweating it out at Assembled in Assembly Square, and so appreciate all the folks who came out to visit and shop!  I’ll be back at Assembled this coming Saturday, July 27th from 11 AM to 4 PM, so if you’re in the Greater Boston area, stop by!  There’ll be food trucks (Bon Me and Frozen Hoagies, to name a couple!) and a live band and Hieropice in our new spiffed-up tent.  Think carnival-style bunting.
Hieropice on PolyvoreIf you haven’t checked out Polyvore yet, you should.  It’s a wonderful resource for fashion/style ideas; think a collection of crowd-sourced digital fashion collages.  But, with things you could actually buy.  Without mortgaging your house.  Polyvore users have been virtually-styling Hieropice jewelry in the coolest ways, and coming up with ways to wear our pieces that I’d never thought of!  You can now see some of the collections Polyvore users have put together in our Facebook album, “Hieropice Styled.”  Snap snap Polyvore.
We’ve also got some new photos up for Hieropice’s Maasai beaded pieces, like our Citrine Yellow Maasai Beaded Earrings.  We want to make sure you can see our pieces in all their glory, even if it’s only virtually!Citrine Yellow Maasai Beaded Earrings by Hieropice
And, finally, Hieropice pieces will now be featured at Uni-T in the Natick Mall on an ongoing basis!  Two months were not enough, we just couldn’t let go!  So now all of you brick-and-mortar shoppers in the Natick area can see Hieropice pieces in person, try them on….and then buy them.  Cause that last part is important.  🙂  Happy days!

See you on Saturday!


Look How Cecileo Used Hieropice’s Chevron Pendant Necklace to Style Her Collection!

Cecileo, a Polyvore user, created a fantastic collection using Hieropice’s Hematite Chevron Necklace.  I’d wear everything here.  Want the necklace?  Get it here.

Green and Black Polyvore Collection by Cecileo

Untitled #17 – Polyvore

New Earrings!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day (or just because, if you couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day), I’ve created a new pair of Maasai-style earrings, in vibrant red:

Hieropice earrings