Botanical Magnets, Art Markets, Oh My!

It’s Small Business Saturday y’all!  I love that there is a day to celebrate shopping small, though I wish every day were a day to recognize, and make a conscious effort to support small businesses.
Sometimes the products that we sell cost more, because we source our materials differently, trying to ensure they are produced with care or fairly, humanely, that the workers who create them or harvest them are paid a fair wage etc.  Sometimes we are making our products by-hand, or making them here in the United States, where labor costs, commercial space, utilities, and the cost-of-living is significantly greater than developing countries, and thus, our products cost more.  So if you can still support us with your shopping dollars, we appreciate it!
This holiday season, I am introducing new pieces to the Hieropice product line, Botanical Magnets!  They are miniature landscapes designed to attach to any metal surface, and come in a variety of styles.  I will have them at my upcoming art markets at the Old South Church Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday, December 3rd, and at the Etsy Artists of Boston chalet at City Hall Plaza December 16th through 22nd.  I love  making them.  Tiny, perfect ecospheres preserved in time.  Yay, nature!  And yay, handmade!


Hieropice on Scoutmob

Just a quick post today, because I got really excited when I received the most recent Scoutmob Shoppe e-mail.  If you’re not familiar with Scoutmob, I highly recommend it!  Kinda like Groupon, but cooler, and it features a Shoppe with handmade items from artists all over the US.  And they promote shopping local by showing you artwork and goods from artists in your city.   Anyhoo, I sell some of Hieropice’s wares on Scoutmob, and my Winter White Terrarium Necklace was featured in Scoutmob’s Shoppe e-mail!  YAY!