A New Necklace

glass terrarium necklace in soft blue I realized I hadn’t featured the color blue in any of my terrarium necklaces.  Introducing a new glass terrarium necklace, in soft blue!Terrarium Necklace


It’s time for something new

I’ve been doing some experimenting with my designs lately, Yellow Terrarium Necklace by Hieropicenew colors, new shapes, and the like.  I’ve created some one-of-a-kind pieces in both the Maasai beading and terrarium necklace style, but have also started making some new terrarium necklaces that many folks can purchase/own.  I want to introduce the first of the new terrarium necklaces, the Yellow Miniature Garden Necklace.  I realized there was a dearth of yellow in my terrarium necklace collection, and had to address it! Red Garnet Maasai beaded set by Hieropice

I’ve also added a new set to Hieropice on Etsy, the Red Garnet Maasai Beaded Necklace and Earrings Set.
The holidays will be upon us before we know it, so why not make gift-giving a bit easier?!