Lost World Mini Terrarium Necklaces

terrarium necklace by HieropiceJoy!  We’re so excited to introduce our brand new Lost World Mini Terrarium Necklaces!  We love everything terrarium.  Moss.  Plants of all shapes and sizes. Mushrooms.  And they look super-cool in jewelry form!

You should own one.   And wear it to work.  When things get dull you can stare into the terrarium pendant and imagine yourself amidst the elves and fairies of the forest.  Wouldn’t you rather be there, anyway?terrarium necklace

  The pendant comes in all kinds of wonderful, colorful variations, and you get to add the elements of whimsy of your choice.  Buy one here.


Love for Etsy Treasury Lists

Etsy allows members to create “Treasury Lists,” or collections of items (listed by Etsy sellers) that we really love, or find fascinating, or just wish we could afford!  I’ve found a lot of wonderful Etsy vendors who create items featuring vibrant patterns; who embrace color with abandon, and I had to make a Treasury List celebrating their fabulous items!:


Hieropice on WordPress!

Hieropice is now blogging on WordPress. Yay!  We’ll make sure all our cool, new, stuff makes it on here as soon as it’s listed (maybe even before!).

Beyond all the cool, international jewelry we hand-make at Hieropice, we have a great love of terrariums.  Little, mini ecosystems, incased in glass, that go on your coffee table, in your window, on your desk at work..  What’s not to love?  Add to that the minimal maintenance and we’re sold.  So we were thinking, how cool would it be to make terrariums into jewelry?  But then, we’re not likely to take a mini watering can to our necklaces or earrings, or bust out the mini pruning shears to do some light trimming on a pendant, so we needed to create pieces that are maintenance-free…  Think we found a solution? You bet we did!  Introducing, Lost World Terrarium Necklaces, by Hieropice.terrarium necklace

We’ll be posting a link to Etsy, where you can buy your very own Lost World necklace.  They’re limited edition, so once they sell out, that’s all she wrote!